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  1. 1东南大学附属中大医院儿科,南京 210009 2东南大学医学院儿科教研室,南京 210009

A novel pathogenic mutation of PNPLA1 identified in an Autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis case

Han Li1, Lijuan Qian1, Nan Xu2, Li Huang2, Lixing Qiao1*   

  1. 1Department of Pediatrics, Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University, Nanjing 210009, China

    2Teaching and Research Section of Pediatrics, Medical College, Southeast University, Nanjing 210009, China

摘要: 摘要 先天性常染色体隐性遗传鱼鳞病是一种以出生时为胶棉婴儿、角化过度及皮肤鳞屑等为特点的疾病。我们报道了1例出生时表现为棉胶婴儿,伴有轻度睑外翻、唇外翻和并指的女患儿。 全外显子测序显示患儿携带PNPLA1 [NM_001145717exon1]基因复合杂合突变:c.[56C>A]p.(Ser19X) c.[100G>A]p.(Ala34Thr)。作为一种独特的酰基转移酶,PNPLA1蛋白负责将亚麻油酸从甘油三酯转移到神经酰胺中的ω-羟基脂肪酸,从而生成ω-O-酰基神经酰胺。ω-O-酰基神经酰胺是一种特殊鞘脂类,对保持皮肤屏障功能至关重要。患者携带的复合杂合突变位于PNPLA1基因的patatin核心区域,造成PNPLA1蛋白的截断,从而破坏酶活性,无法合成ω-O-酰基神经酰胺。 本文报道的这一例中国儿童PNPLA1基因的复合杂合突变为新发突变。

Abstract: Abstract Autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis (ARCI) is characterized by being born as collodion babies, hyperkeratosis and skin scaling. Here, we described a patient born as a collodion baby with mild ectropion, eclabium and syndactyly. Whole exome sequencing showed a compound heterozygous variation c.[56C>A], p.(Ser19X) and c.[100G>A], p.(Ala34Thr) in PNPLA1 [NM_001145717; exon 1]. The protein encoded by PNPLA1 acts as a unique transacylase that specifically transfers linoleic acid from triglyceride to ω-hydroxy fatty acid in ceramide, thus giving rise to ω-O-acylceramide, a particular class of sphingolipids that is essential for skin barrier function. The variant was located in the patatin core domain of PNPLA1 and resulted in a truncated protein which could disrupt its function. This report highlights a novel compound heterozygous mutation in PNPLA1 identified in a Chinese child.

Key words: autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis, PNPLA1, compound heterozygous variation

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