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  1. 1昆明医科大学法医学学院,昆明 650500,中国
    2红河哈尼族彝族自治州锦平县公安局刑事科技办公室,红河,云南省 661500,中国
    3北京大学医学部基础医学院病理学系,北京 100083,中国
  • 收稿日期:2020-05-10 接受日期:2020-09-15 出版日期:2021-09-30 发布日期:2021-08-09
  • 通讯作者: 雷普平

Pneumonia, Multiple Pulmonary Infarction and Abscess Caused by a Bamboo Stick Accidentally Piercing into Chest: a Case Misdiagnosed as Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Pengfei Qu1,3,Baoliang Bai2,Ting Duan1,Kai Liu1,Jinliang Du1,Xin Xiong1,Penglin Jia1,Zhongchun Sun1,Puping Lei1,*()   

  1. 1School of Forensic Medicine, Kunming Medical University, Kunming 650500, China
    2Criminal Science and Technology Office, Jinping County Public Security Bureau, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan 661500, China
    3Department of Pathology, School of Basic Medicine, Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing 100083, China
  • Received:2020-05-10 Accepted:2020-09-15 Published:2021-09-30 Online:2021-08-09
  • Contact: Puping Lei



关键词: 异物, 肺炎, 肺脓肿, 肺结核, 误诊


Computed tomography (CT) examination is the major measure for detecting and diagnosis of foreign bodies in human body. Although CT has high sensitivity in diagnosis of foreign body, some interference factors may still lead to missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Here we report a rare case that a bamboo stick accidentally pierced into the left chest of a young man who was drunk and unware of this hurt. The patient experienced cough, chest pain, fever, hemoptysis, and was misdiagnosed as primary and secondary tuberculosis based on chest CT examinations at a local hospital, although no tubercular bacillus detected by sputum smear. He subsequently received anti-tuberculous treatments in the following three years, but no improvement of his symptoms was observed. Until one month before his death, the bamboo stick was detected by spiral CT examination as well as three-dimensional image reconstruction at another hospital. Postmortem examination revealed pneumonia, pulmonary infarction, and abscess as the causes of his death. We analyze the potential reasons of misdiagnosis in this case, aiming to provide reference for the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary inflammation associated with foreign body in the future.

Key words: foreign body, pneumonia, pulmonary abscess, pulmonary tuberculosis, misdiagnosis

基金资助: 国家自然科学基金(81460285)

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