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  • 收稿日期:2021-04-22 出版日期:2021-12-31 发布日期:2021-12-16
  • 通讯作者: 龙笑

Reliability and Validity of the Chinese Version of the Lymphedema Quality of Life Questionnaire

Zhengyun Liang1,Xiao Long1,*(),Elan Yang1,Yunzhu Li1,Zhujun Li1,Min Xu2,Bifen Zhang2,Nanze Yu1,Jiuzuo Huang1   

  1. 1Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College, Beijing 100005, China
    2Shenzhen Yuanwei Medical Equipment Co. Ltd., Shenzhen 518116, China
  • Received:2021-04-22 Published:2021-12-31 Online:2021-12-16
  • Contact: Xiao Long


目的 验证淋巴水肿生活质量问卷(LYMQOL)在中国淋巴水肿患者中的信度和效度。
方法 在2020年10月28日至2021年2月23日期间,我们将翻译成中文版的淋巴水肿生活质量问卷(LYMQOL)通过微信公众号“淋巴水肿频道”推送给纳入的淋巴水肿患者。上肢淋巴水肿和下肢淋巴水肿患者分别在纳入时、纳入后1周和1个月完成LYMQOL-ARM子量表和LYMQOL-LEG子量表。我们对问卷的信度、效度、可行性、应答性和完成问卷所需平均时间进行了评估。
结果 研究共纳入195例患者。中文版LYMQOL问卷具有较高的信度,LYMQOL-ARM的α系数为0.849~0.902,组内相关系数(ICC)为0.848~0.884,LYMQOL-LEG的α系数为0.72?~0.902,ICC为0.863~0.900。LYMQOL与EQ-5D两者呈中度至良好相关(LYMQOL-ARM,n=95;LYMQOL-LEG,n=102)。应答性分析结果提示:术后1个月上肢淋巴水肿患者的生活质量明显下降(P<0.05)。患者完成问卷的平均时间约为12分钟。
结论 中文版LYMQOL简明易懂、内容全面、篇幅适中,具有良好的信效度。在临床或科研中,或许可用于协助治疗决策和淋巴水肿疗效评估。

关键词: 淋巴水肿生活质量问卷, 淋巴水肿, 生活质量, 效度, 信度


Objective To study the reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the Lymphedema Quality of Life Questionnaire (LYMQOL) in lymphedema patients.
Methods LYMQOL was translated into Chinese. The Chinese version of the LYMQOL was distributed with the official Wechat account “Lymphedema Channel” to lymphedema patients who were recruited from October 28 th, 2020 to February 23rd, 2021. Patients with upper limb lymphedema and lower limb lymphedema completed the LYMQOL-ARM subscale and the LYMQOL-LEG subscale separately, at enrollment, 1 week later, and 1 month later. Reliability, validity, feasibility, responsiveness and average time required for completing the questionnaire were assessed.
Results A total of 195 patients participated in the study. The Chinese questionnaire showed high reliability with Cronbach’s α coefficients of 0.849-0.902 for the LYMQOL-ARM and intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) of 0.848-0.884 and Cronbach’s α coefficients of 0.726-0.902 for the LYMQOL-LEG and ICC of 0.863-0.900. The LYMQOL showed moderate to good correlations with the EQ-5D (0.4<r<0.6, P<0.01; for the LYMQOL-ARM, n=95, for the LYMQOL-LEG, n=102). Responsiveness analysis suggested that quality of life of upper limb lymphedema patients decreased after 1 month (P<0.05). The average time of patients to finish the questionnaire was approximately 12 minutes.
Conclusions The Chinese version of the LYMQOL is easy to answer, comprehensive and appropriate in length, and has good reliability and validity. It may be utilized to assist treatment decision-making and track changes in clinical setting or research for lymphedema.

Key words: lymphedema quality of life questionnaire, reliability, validity

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