3D T2W SPACE MRI评估剖宫产后1年至2年子宫瘢痕及子宫形态变化
戚亚菲, 何泳蓝, 丁宁, 马良坤, 钱天翼, 李源, 薛华丹, 金征宇
Assessment of Changes in the Cesarean Scar and Uterus Between One and Two Years after Cesarean Section Using 3D T2w SPACE MRI
Yafei Qi, Yonglan He, Ning Ding, Liangkun Ma, Tianyi Qian, Yuan Li, Huadan Xue, Zhengyu Jin
Chinese Medical Sciences Journal . 2022, (2): 151 -158 .  DOI: 10.24920/003870

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