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  1. 中国医学科学院北京协和医学院 北京协和医院,北京100730,中国
  • 收稿日期:2022-06-16 接受日期:2022-06-18 出版日期:2022-06-30 发布日期:2022-06-28
  • 通讯作者: 郎景和

Modern Medicine: Ideas and Advances

Jinghe Lang*()   

  1. Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College, Beijing 100730, China
  • Received:2022-06-16 Accepted:2022-06-18 Published:2022-06-30 Online:2022-06-28
  • Contact: Jinghe Lang



关键词: 认识论, 哲学, 人文关怀, 循证医学, 精准医学, 转化医学


Considering the limitations of medical science and the risks associated with medical treatments, we need to re-examine the connotation of medical science from the perspective of philosophy. Medical science is the natural expression of human kindness and human nature of rescuing the dying and healing the wounded. It is a combination of the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. From the perspectives of medical philosophy and humanistic care, this article expounds the concepts and ideas of evidence-based, translational, and precision medicine in modern medicine and emphasizes the importance of avoiding new technical bureaucracy, paying attention to achieving a holistic view and systematic understanding, and avoiding biases in development because of the loss of the humanistic spirit in modern medical practice.

Key words: epistemology, philosophy, humanistic care, evidence-based medicine, precision medicine, translational medicine

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