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陈旭, 刘红玲, 李德红, 王金穗, 赵凤辉   

  1. 1 甘肃省人民医院病理科,中国甘肃省兰州市,邮编730000
    2 甘肃省第三人民医院职业病科,中国甘肃省兰州市,邮编730000
    3 甘肃省人民医院检验科,中国甘肃省兰州市,邮编730000
  • 收稿日期:2021-09-09 接受日期:2022-03-06 出版日期:2022-05-11 发布日期:2022-05-11

Dual Role of Wnt5a in the Progression of Inflammatory Diseases

Xu Chen, Hongling Liu, Dehong Li, Jinsui Wang, Fenghui Zhao   

  1. 1 Department of Pathology, Gansu Provincial Hospital, Lazhou 730000, China 
    2 Department of Occupational Medicine, The Third Gansu Provincial Hospital, Lanzhou 730000, China
    3 Department of Clinical Laboratory, Gansu Provincial Hospital, Lanzhou 730000, China
  • Received:2021-09-09 Accepted:2022-03-06 Published:2022-05-11 Online:2022-05-11

摘要: Wnt5a是一种分泌性的Wnt蛋白,在细胞通路及炎性疾病中扮演重要作用。WNT5A基因可编码形成Wnt5a长链蛋白和Wnt5a短链蛋白,这两种蛋白的形成取决于WNT5A基因启动子甲基化的部位,具有不同的功能。然而,WNT5A基因启动子甲基化的机制目前仍然不清楚。在炎性疾病中,因为WNT5A基因甲基化的部位不同,Wnt5a具有抑制炎症和促进炎症的双面功能,这或许涉及Wnt5a蛋白不同的亚型。因此,Wnt5a蛋白的不同亚型或许是潜在的炎性疾病诊断标记,WNT5A基因甲基化的具体机制也需要深入研究。

关键词: Wnt5a , 炎性疾病 ,  启动子甲基化

Abstract: Wnt5a is a secreted Wnt ligand that plays a critical role in cellular pathways and inflammatory diseases. The WNT5A gene encodes two protein isoforms, Wnt5a-long and Wnt5a-short, which differ based on different promoter methylation and have distinct functions. However, the mechanisms of the promoter methylation are unclear. Depending on the extent of promoter methylation, Wnt5a exerts both anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory effects in inflammatory diseases, which may be involved in different Wnt5a isoforms. Therefore, the Wnt5a isoforms may be potential diagnostic markers for inflammatory diseases and the mechanisms of the WNT5A gene promoter methylation need to be further investigated.

Key words: Wnt5a, inflammatory diseases, promoter methylation

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